Let Me In, Let Me In

yellow lab at red door

The yellow lab
trumpets his request
“Let me in, let me in,”
until the red door opens
where he comes in from the cold
into warmth

Loving kindness
whispers her request
“Let me in, let me in”
until my heart opens
and she transforms my apathy
into concern

The photo captures the dog across the street barking to be let in.

2 thoughts on “Let Me In, Let Me In

  1. Nice paralleling between verses – “loving kindness whispers” is beautiful.
    Ah, my heart responds faster to whispers than barks … but I love your first verse, as I have a yellow Lab! Buttercup had me up most of the night due to raging lightning and thunder.

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    1. I hear the dog bark a lot and my neighbors usually respond quite quickly. They love their dog (although it is a new dog and I do not know his name yet). I heard the barking during my meditation session and it just inspired me to think what might be asking to come into my heart. Thanks for commenting. I hope the weather gives Buttercup a calmer night tonight.

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