Sometimes a question whispers in my ear
Sometimes a question shouts in my face
How do I assay my purpose
In this beautiful, brutal, finite life?

Is it a striving to be seen?
A craving to be astonished?
Can I be buoyed by hope beyond a ritual answer?

Then a tiny azure dragonfly
deepening the beauty
of our grey surroundings


Learn more about this interesting insect at Symbolism/Meaning of a Dragonfly.


Photo from Pixabay.


19 thoughts on “Dragonfly

      1. When I swim my miles snd get lost in the lakes and im out all relaxed they will come land all over me..I float and they just settle upon me as if there telling me a story..a refuge in the middle of a lake..Beautiful moments..

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    1. I think I guessed that, Linda. In fact I thought of you and Cheryl at Impromptu Promptings when I changed the last stanza from a butterfly to a dragonfly. Much more symbolism I think. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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