Stopping by Clothes with a White Fur Gifting

Star on Black2

Which cat did this, oh my who knows
This leaving fur upon my clothes
She did it while I was away
On my black dress she took repose

My cats are not ones to delay
To seek out nap spots black or grey
And leave white fur just to remind
Me that their love will never stray

So any clothes left out they’ll find
The dark ones are the grandest kind
To rest white bellies for contrast
This deed they think they’ve been assigned

If I don’t want to be aghast
I’ll hang my clothes and do it fast
This I’ve figured out at last
This I’ve figured out at last

I have always loved the poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, particularly its interesting rhyme scheme. Inspired by SLHARPERPOETRY’s clever rewrite of Lewis Carroll’s Jaberwokey as Trumplewokey, I decided to do a rewrite of the Snowy Woods poem.

My cats are my feline muses as you can see from previous posts: No Outfit Is Complete Without Cat Hair, Caterday, GenisisSunspot Seeker,  and the latest one, Olympic Star.

The Robert Frost poem has also inspired me before in the post, Thawing Frost.


12 thoughts on “Stopping by Clothes with a White Fur Gifting

    1. Isn’t that funny? I think they shed on our clothes and furniture so they can remind us how much they love us. 🙂 Or maybe that is just what animals do. I know I find my long grey hairs all over the house all the time – I do not do that out of love. 🙂

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