Pancakes for Supper

pancakes (2)

Mom prepared a healthy meal for us each night
and morning, too, for that matter
even though she worked outside the house
unlike the moms of my friends who
stayed home and ironed,
drinking Coke-a-Cola
while watching As the World Turns

But every once in a while
when Daddy was out of town on business
we’d have pancakes for supper

I would pour too much of the
sticky sweet Aunt Jamima on my plate,
enough to soak my sausage patty in
as well as my stack of pancakes

There was something a little naughty
about having pancakes for supper

I wonder if Mom stepped outside the box
of serving us her usual square meal for supper
because she’d had a rough day at work,
or if it was more of a playful conspiracy
she got to have with her daughters,
or maybe she just needed a little sweetness
at the end of her day
while her sweetheart was gone



16 thoughts on “Pancakes for Supper

  1. Loved this – brought back memories. My mom was the same – although she stayed home and cooked all day. On the rare occasion that Dad was away, we’d eat something simple like hot dogs or yes, even pancakes.

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      1. Now that would have been a treat for my kids. I do remember eating out once with my kids when my husband was out of town. A huge rainstorm settled in when we were all ready to go home. So instead of finishing our meals, we got take home, ordered dessert, and watched the storm. 🙂


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