Playful Cosmos [tanka]

moon clouds trees

Bare limbs on trees seem

to tickle the winter sky

heavens laugh with earth

while the moon plays peek-a-boo

with wandering wisps of clouds

The haiku portion of this tanka was inspired by a rare sunny day where the branches of the tall trees swayed before a contrasting blue sky. The last two lines of the tanka, however, were inspired by the acrylic painting  below that I had just completed in an art class I attend. The top photo is an original.

Annie moon painting



10 thoughts on “Playful Cosmos [tanka]

  1. Oh wow – reading your About The Author, I sensed some commonality … then I open this and YUP, we have similar perspectives indeed!. My most recent post at and yours might’ve been inspired by the same moon, different geographies. 🙂 I envy all who can paint – love how you have the branches holding the moon. Beautiful!

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