The Winter of My Nature

Annie catching snow

In the winter of my nature
I retreat
to pull into myself
be still and gather energy
for a cycle of rebirth

In the winter of my nature
I notice
the beauty of bare foundations
like the gnarls on my backyard tree
covered in busyness before
now visible and highlighted with snow

gnarled tree in snow

Tour Guide of My Home in Winter: What I love about where I live

Photos were taken by both me and my husband, David.
The first photo above is me catching snowflakes in front of our house.
The second one is of a gnarled tree right outside my writing window.
In the first row below is a shot I took of my neighbor’s back yard; another of my husband on the frozen lake at Firefighter’s Park, Troy, MI. The park is just across the street and we go there often for walks.
In the middle row is a shot of the creek running through the Lloyd Stage Nature Center also in Troy, MI, after a snow. The nature center is about a mile from where we live and we visit there often as well.
In the final row is a shot looking out from an igloo my husband made from the snow drifts left after shoveling our driveway followed by a shot of one of our cats, Starbaby, enjoying the view on a snow day from inside.

Special thanks to calensariel for her prompt on writing about the seasons on her blog, Impromptu Promptings. I wrote my first draft of this poem in her comments section inspired by her prompt.

neighbors back yard in snow   David on frozen lake  snowy creek at OEC

inside the igloo    Star enjoying a snow day

14 thoughts on “The Winter of My Nature

  1. I’m glad you posted this poem on your blog, LuAnne. I’ve thought and thought about your comment on that post. I think it really changed my perspective about winter — and that was something I absolutely NEEDED this year or I’m not sure I would have made it through the season with anything less than a lot of trepidation. 🙂

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    1. Now that I am retired and do not have to get out to drive, I am happy to look out my writing window and watch the icing falling from the skies. We are getting 5 inches or more today and it does not look like it will stop for long through the weekend. Time to make a pot of soup and write and write and write. I am glad you enjoyed the photos, Xenia. I love seeing the shots you take of the beautiful place where you live. Hugs.

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    1. Lately I have been enjoying the excuse to stay inside and cook and write… We have had a particularly heavy snowfall this year that makes it hard to even get off the porch! But it is lovely and as I was lying in the bed this morning the quiet was noticeable. No school bus, no cars, no one was even snow blowing because the snow won’t stop until tonight. I’m guessing at least six inches. I have a lovely view from my ‘writing window’; I just put on a pot of chili to simmer. I am content. Glad you stopped by and thank you for your kind words.

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