Letting Go of Latching On

autumn at Firefighters

Consider the beauty of autumn leaves
in their last days before letting go
Can we embrace such beauty
of this non-attachment?

We, too, can watch phenomena
arise and pass away
like hunger or fatigue,
a storm or creative thought
Investigate what arises
then let go of the feelings
then let go of even the thoughts
we have about the feelings

Let them pass without clinging
to regret or desire
let go of both the pain and praise
let go of ego-clinging
Inhale what arises
Exhale to let it pass

Practice letting go of knowing
the certainty of our views of self.
Like fallen autumn leaves
give trees a new perspective,
noticing the fleeting nature of our lives
gives us new eyes to see the old familiar,
to notice what we were not expecting to see

Photo taken at Firefighter’s Park  in Troy, MI by LuAnne Holder



18 thoughts on “Letting Go of Latching On

    1. I agree! I recently read somewhere something along the lines of not needing to know to add to our lives but what we can let go. This idea may have been the inspiration for this poem. Plus I am in the process of de-cluttering my house! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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  1. I LOVE this poem and picture. In NYC, there is still no color. We have already seen an opera, a wonderful concert where the musicians melded 14th c. French music with West African instruments and rhythms, and a talk by a talented young Czech architect at the Bohemian club. Yes, life is fleeting. We participate in the now with enthusiasm.

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