Garden of Words


Hibiscus is a tasty word;
it rolls around in my mouth
like chrysanthemum, mimosa
and sweet, sweet alyssum

I always sing forsythia
and toe-tap honeysuckle;
wisteria leaves me wistful;
oleander makes me smile

Forget-me-nots jog memories
and I just love bleeding hearts;
periwinkle is so playful
in the garden of words that I love

Do you have words that beyond their meanings, you just love the way they sound? I love looking at the flowers mentioned, but I also appreciate listening to their names. Please feel free to share some more words that you can appreciate for their pronunciation as well as their meanings.

The photo above is an original taken of a hibiscus in my front yard. I took the photo of the bleeding hearts below from my friend’s yard. The wildflowers below are favorites of mine from a park near my house. I don’t know their names except for the echinacea (cone flower) which is another name enjoyable to say (but not so easy to spell!). Even though I do not know the names, this patch of wildflowers always makes me feel connected to the earth.

Bleeding hearts.JPG




21 thoughts on “Garden of Words

  1. Lovely poem. Hibiscus is one of my happy words. For some reason I’ve always fancied the way the word “extrudable” sounds, and I remember a study of foreign language speakers who thought that “diarrhea” was the loveliest sounding word in the English language. Go figure.


  2. You gave me a new word, Leslie – extrudable. I have never heard that word before, but now that I looked it up, I can see the root “extrude” in this adjective form. Thanks. I’ve written it down in my book where I keep interesting words. 🙂

    I can kind of see how “diarrhea” could sound lovely if you didn’t know the meaning! Or experienced having an infant inflicted with the condition. LOL


  3. Lovely post and flowers and great poem. I love many of the same…especially the word periwinkle, the name, the shell, the color, the flower, and yes how it rolls around in my mouth…all wonderful.

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    1. It was always my favorite color in the crayon box when I was a kid. 🙂 I was grown before I knew it was a flower, too. I’m not familiar with the shell; I’ll have to look that up. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

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