No Boundaries [haibun]

Shadows in the Smokies

No boundary exists between happiness and sadness. It all blends together. Every happiness holds within it, the sadness of its impermanence. Every sadness holds within it, the joy of its impermanence. Just like every birth holds within it, the death that is sure to happen. And every death holds within it, the birth of transition into mystery. There are no boundaries between thoughts; all thoughts are connected, thoughts inspiring other thoughts, even in other beings. A problem is both a challenge and hindrance. A solution is a success, yet leads to other questions. The Canada goose does not distinguish the border of my nation. Nor do boundaries separate the air I breathe with the air each of us shares.

Shadows transforming

from a shared breeze through the trees

as is my ethos


A haibun is a poetic form that combines prose poetry with a haiku. Read more about this poetic form in an article from titled, More than the Birds, Bees, and Trees: A Closer Look at Writing Haibun.

The graphic is an original photo by LuAnne Holder taken in the Smokey Mountain National Park.

9 thoughts on “No Boundaries [haibun]

    1. Yes, I was introduced to this poetic form last year during National Poetry Month. Sometimes I feel my haiku are too obtuse so having a prose poem to introduce it works well sometimes. Thanks for dropping by.

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