Thinking in the Shadows

shadow thoughts

While she sits with thoughts in stillness
the world whirs all around her
Is she indeed the shadow or
is she the shadow-maker?

While the light creates the boundaries
of  her shadow thoughts
the shadow thoughts define
the edges of the light

Sometimes the light and darkness
are marbled into grey
containing both the light thoughts
as well as shadow thoughts

Did she know that she needs both
joining in her shadow silence
to clear out her perplexity
and overflow with wonder?

My friend, Cairn, took this photo of me during a writer’s workshop. The sun was setting and one wall was filled with shadows. The photo was used as a writing prompt, that turned into this poem (with multiple edits of course!). Thank you, Cairn, for your contribution to this post.


16 thoughts on “Thinking in the Shadows

    1. Not dumb at all, Lady C! I think that is exactly what I was trying to express. Sometimes I read a poem I’ve written and I have no idea what I meant. Ha! I just love playing with words. Thanks for stopping by. Be well.

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