champagne bubbles

The champagne bubbles were the chatty aside to the serious issue to be discussed.
His tip of the hat was his coy decoy for hiding his face from his lover.
She knew she had to return to the place
where she had lived over a year ago.
This place was not an illusion, yet
that past had no permanence.

Champagne bubbles had tickled her nose with the pixie dust of wealth;
every facet of her past transformed within her new surroundings,
which she soon discovered was
just a jetty where storms
roiled on the horizon.

This urbane lifestyle would crumble like croissants
until she returned to her island of the hoi polloi
where she had been discovered
twelve months before.

I collect words and phrases that I find interesting when I read. I used one such collection to write sentences that were (through many revisions) transformed into this poem. I am sure, dear readers, that you can easily identify the words and phrases used as inspiration. I then tried to develop a poetic form that would express the content visually. It was quite an enjoyable tapering process.

Photo by Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. What an interesting approach! I’ve seen people underline sentences in articles that will just fit in a row to make a poem of some kind — tried it, sucked at it — I think it’s called Found Poetry. But I’ve never seen this before. I may have to give this one a shot. Sounds a bit more flexible.

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    1. I love collecting fun words. This poem just sort of created itself from a writer’s group prompt and I had a blast putting it together. Do try it sometime after collecting some words that speak to you; it can be fun. You are right about the found poem (sometimes referred to as a blackout poem). They can be challenging, but also fun as well.

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