As Dogen said, to attain the Way is merely ‘to put one’s head through a gate.’ There is a path beyond the door.  It must be stepped through.  ~  Henry Shukman

Before I can walk my path, the path unique to me
I must leave the safety of going around in circles
Inside the fence of my assumptions
I must put my head through the gate to walk my path
For it does not exist until it is traveled

Once outside the gate,  I can see the paths of others
Each one unique like my own, traveling their own journeys
If I look back, I see others still inside the fence
I can call to them but cannot drag them through the gate
They must put their own heads through
To walk their own unique paths

Outside the gate
No atlas exists providing me with an overview of all paths
No Google directions can guide me on which turns to take on the way
My path unfolds through my choices
Redefined by surprises
Like a rain storm forcing me to take shelter
Or a restaurant enticing me in for nourishment
Or scenery that cajoles me just to wander a bit

This is how I create my path
Living life outside the gate

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in. ~ Isaac Asimov


6 thoughts on “Venture

    1. I am so glad it arrived at an opportune moment, Michael. I’d worked on this poem for at least a month until I finally put my head through the gate and shared it. Hope you are doing well.

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