They walked along the ravine
Stopped to view the brown ribbon of river
Far, far below

A stone near her foot gave way
Tumbled and bounced into another rock
Which tumbled into yet another

Rocks and dirt gained momentum on the descent
Picking up more and more speed
Amassing more and more of the steep bank

Briefly she imagined the release of sliding into this free fall
Ignoring for the moment, the sure pain and possible death
Such a foolish act would engender

He slipped his hand into hers
Led her three steps from the edge
They continued their walk hand-in-hand

On solid ground


This poem was inspired by a dream, which upon the telling reminded me of a song by Fleetwood Mac called Landslide.


Image by Nigel Chadwick [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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