milky way

Among one hundred billion galaxies
where I am so minuscule,
just one tiny soul in the oceans of many
does my life have meaning?

Do I ask what has no answer?
Am I pompous to make such a query?
If I subdue the haughty ego
does the question go away?

Would having an answer serve the world,
save us from grief
dry an eye
listen to a traveler’s story?

Whether the answer is “Yes” or “No”
or even “It doesn’t matter”
let me go out in the world and join the many
for much work is left to be done.


Image from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. Yes, we can’t afford to get sidetracked by the “what ifs” if we’re to accomplish anything in this world. I thought it was interesting that you referred to your ego as haughty. Why do we always see our egos in such bad light? I automatically do that, too. But it’s like Plato says, if it weren’t for our egos we wouldn’t know where to stick the spoon with the Nutella on it! (Well, he didn’t actually say Nutella. LOL)

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    1. Sorry I missed this response, Lady C. Thank you for commenting. My ego is often haughty and i often I need to get her to step aside. Yet you (and Plato) are right, what is it but my ego that asks my ego to step aside? 🙂

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