Hurry up and meditate

Don’t take long or you’ll be late

Too much to do to stop, but wait!

I’ll be less rushed if I meditate.


In this world of onrushing events the act of meditation—even just a “one-breath” meditation—straightening the back, clearing the mind for a moment—is a refreshing island in the stream.  – Gary Snyder


Image from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Deceleration

  1. Totally agree with Gary Snyder. I’ve been meditating with for ten minutes every morning to their free guided meditations. Then I added a meditation bell to my tool bar. It goes off every 15 minutes: Bell, the words “I am breathing in.” Another bell, “I am breathing out.” Those deep breaths really slow you down. Yet even knowing that, life is really like your poem!!!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lady C. I like the idea of stopping for a breath every 15 minutes. I need to be reminded to sit up straight as well. I try to meditate each morning and my day always goes better if I do. And journal. That helps as well.

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