Ready for Some Sun


I was ready for a miracle and then here comes the rain

I was ready for a miracle but the rains kept coming down

I was ready for a miracle when the rains turned into floods

Think we’re gonna need a miracle or else we’re gonna drown

This short poem was inspired by the gospel song, Are Your Ready for a Miracle that I first heard performed by Patti LeBelle in the movie, Leap of Faith. I have loved the energy of gospel music most of my life and her energy is stimulating in this song. Strangely enough the poem was initially inspired by George Harrison’s song, Here Comes the Sun, that I listened to on a rainy, overcast afternoon. While these two songs do not seem to go together, especially considering that in Leap of Faith people prayed for rain to relieve a drought, the political landscape of the U.S. where I am a citizen brought these two together for me so I let the miracle of sunlight permeate the verse. Actually, I do see the passionate activism in my country and internationally as the miracle that we are going to need in order to see the sun.

Image from Pixabay


11 thoughts on “Ready for Some Sun

      1. No I don’t honestly, other than Cash I guess. But I’m a big fan of rock music, and I love when bands put gospel into their music. It’s not religious, but just the vocal style. Pink Floyd, Avenged Sevenfold, the Used…I just love that epic, heartbreaking voices. Like avenged sevenfold’s, “victim of a crime”

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  1. Music is the miracle that sustains. Those gospel songs will keep our spirits up and help see us through. I love the joining of these two songs…so true to the complexity of human experience. Thank you, LuAnne.

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