Spiritual Maintenance


When my day feels a little off-kilter

That’s the time to practice quiet

Empty all mind chatter

Turn off the news

Focus on the silence


When executive orders are not vetted

When helplessness floods my fears

My practice of meditation

Is critical for my heart

To discern fruitful paths forward


Let my practice become second nature

Be the very air that I breathe

To polish my spirit

Until clarity returns

As light in this new chaos


Image by Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Spiritual Maintenance

  1. I hear your stress. I downloaded a “Bell of Mindfulness” on my laptop. It chimes every 15 minutes and tells you to breathe in, then there’s another chime that tells you to breathe out. You can set it for whatever time you want. It was free. I actually quite like it. I got this one at the Chrome Web Store (Mindfullness Bell), but there are several if you google it. Might help?

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