Solstice Souls


In the dark
familiar things become unrecognizable
while what usually goes unnoticed
becomes obvious, essential
like snuggling in the dark
when touch of skin,
scent of affection,
become your sensory guides

In the quiet
darkness calls to whispers
if words are ever shared
Darkness snuggles with the quiet,
through shadows of long nights
touching her softy,
gently spooning,
relaxing as one in hushed peace

Once again winter solstice gives us a long, dark pause. Enjoy this special night. If you like, drop by my post, In the Dark, from solstice 2015.

Image from Pixabay, altered for darkness

8 thoughts on “Solstice Souls

    1. I so appreciate how you pick up on nuances in language. At first I used the word “it” but “she” sounded much more personal. In Taoism “darkness” is feminine – mysterious, intuitive which gave me pause. I appreciate the affirmation that it was a good choice.

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