Filling the Well with Snow

When you find yourself
in the endless task of
filling the well with snow
remember it’s not a useless chore
but an opportunity to participate
in life.

I think the palliative for fear and anger is to stand firmly and wakefully in the moment. It’s like the old Zen master saying, “Come with me. Let’s fill the well with snow.” It’s a hopeless task: The snow melts; the process is endless. We don’t take action because we expect a certain result; we do it because it needs to be done. We pick up the shovel not because we’re going to fill the well with snow but because shoveling is the dharma activity of that moment. We show up for the impossible. Is that so different from saying, “Come with me. Let’s be peacemakers”?  Bonnie Myotai Treace from “Rising to the Chalenge: Filling the Well with Snow”


Image from Pixabay

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