Dante’s Arrow

An arrow foreseencomes more gently – Dante Alighieri

The time before the arrow hits
is your gifted time,
the surrounding moments
when you know it’s coming
but it does not pierce you yet.

So look through unshuttered windows
to this vast present of the world,
not framed by inevitable trauma
but open to all the joy
where gifted time resides.


Special thanks to my friend, Janette, who inspired this poem by sharing this Dante quote in our writer’s group. She read the quote and we all wrote about the concept. From that journal entry, this poem emerged.

Image from Pixabay.



8 thoughts on “Dante’s Arrow

    1. Thank you so much. I really liked the quote. I read a related one by John F. Kennedy, “Repair your roof on a sunny day.” We had an interesting discussion in the group as to whether to want to know about an impending hardship or just let it happen. Interesting points on both sides.

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