Sunny Day Waltz


The cat rests in  a pane of light
alert for sparks of adventure
as is the nature of cats

The turtle meditates on a log in the lake
stretching its neck to inhale the warmth
as is the nature of turtles

Mallards gather to swim in the shade
feeding with family before their migration
as is the nature of mallards

Alert meditation feeds new cycles…


Recently I have made a practice of writing down three observations of my environment every day – no judgment, no metaphor, just observation. The three observations in this poem seemed related but I was not sure how. When I read Impromptu’s Promptling’s post, cycle (tanka) yesterday I felt I had found a thread to weave the three observations together. Please visit this delightful blog, Impromptu’s Promptling. You will be delighted with the conversation there.

Photo by LuAnne Holder

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