woman sitting

A woman sits alone, a cane her only companion
perhaps she is resting her legs a bit before going to market
perhaps she is waiting for her lifelong lover to meet her in the gardens
perhaps she’s remembering a time long ago when they sat at that place and first kissed
perhaps the flowers inspire her to watercolor a vision
perhaps she dances with imagined young feet to a song that she sings in her head
perhaps she is lonely, perhaps she is homeless, perhaps she’s enjoying a breeze
perhaps I should sit beside her a while
perhaps she will share her story…


Inspiration for this poem comes from a recent article in Brevity called Today’s Lesson: What’s Missing.  “…Brevity Blog is the place to discuss the business of writing, editing, and publishing, the writing life, career and inspiration, the ongoing struggle to believe in our writing, favorite books (including classics) and favorite essays, conference panels, etcetera. ” (from the blog’s About page)

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