Annual Breath


Look at the maple by the bay window
benevolent toward all seasons

In summer no swearing about sweltering heat;
she opens her heart to the sun

In winter no lamenting the stark naked freeze;
she goes inward for dreams and renewal


This poem was inspired by a piece in a recent Austin Kleon newsletter about Corita Kent about the seasons of creative work. The creative work of Corita Kent inspired an earlier post of mine, Riot of Courageous Mess. Austin Kleon has also inspired my work, particularly a blackout poem I wrote last year called Cutting From Black. It seems my inspiration comes in slow cycles like an annual breath of a maple.

15 thoughts on “Annual Breath

  1. I would say we need to learn a lesson from the maple, but I can’t STAND summer! I have learned, however, if you can bend like a tree in the wind you probably won’t break! Tanya Tucker taught me that! 😀

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  2. A beautiful, evocative poem and reminder that human beings are cyclic entities too! I am working on trusting my own cycles of creativity, so I’m looking forward to checking out the ‘seasons’ piece which you recommended.

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