Broken Glass

mistakes birth aha's
               and cracked glass prisms the light 
           embrace imperfection

cracked glass

This haiku was the final part of a haiku trilogy I posted earlier this year called Wabi Sabi. Today’s Daily Prompt is Glass and it seemed appropriate to revisit this verse.


Image revised from an original on Pixabay.


7 thoughts on “Broken Glass

  1. That’s half of my theme for this year. I even designed a cup for it at Zazzle with a dragonfly on it. They did, however, question my order as what I put on it was “Embrace imperfecton!” 😀 Guess they didn’t have much of a sense of humor — or they were just dumb! (The other half of my theme is “Just Breathe!”)

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      1. Actually there’s a story about that. I ordered cups for both, and when they came I was taking the Imperfection one out of the wrapping and it fell out the bottom and cracked! I think it was God trying to make a point. I had spelled it correctly. NOW I was embracing Imperfection holding it in my hands. So I ordered a new one with it spelled incorrectly but couldn’t throw away the broken one because of the object lesson. It’s on my desk holding pens.


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