Beach 3 Olympic Peninsula

Near the tidal pools brimming with starfish along the North Bay
The children, some of adult age like me
Are instinctively drawn to skip stones across
The expanse of the calm waters.
Heads bowed, they search for the perfect stones
Flat, round, smooth.
The colors, the grains, the sparkle of the stones
Do not matter for the moment.

They lean to one side and flick their wrists
Then hold their breath as they watch the performance of the stone
Affect the calm water in a pattern of interacting ripples
Reflecting the skill of that throw.

The children laugh and create competitions, crisscrossing each others’ ripples
Exploding the bay with playfulness.

At sunset they gather their jackets and drive their cars
Through the winding roads to vacation cabins
Propelling their influence to skip across their worlds
Crisscrossing the influence of others
Creating the world we all share.

Olympic Penn

Beach 3, Olympic Peninsula 06-2012


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