tumbling water

Does the bumblebee ask why it forages pollen?
Does the tulip maple ask why it blooms?
Does the moon ask why she conceals her dark side?
The answer to every layer of “why?”
contains another layer of questions.

When I ponder the myriad why’s of my purpose
I suspect it’s more than just following laws
that govern the cycles of nature
but encircles, as well, nature’s interim movements
to feel the breeze breathing
hear spring water tumbling
watch shadows dancing
to create my small mysteries
in the ongoing process of life.


Photo by LuAnne Holder at Grotto Falls in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park




One thought on “Why’s

  1. Very lovely. Been through the park a couple times when I was younger. Gorgeous. I miss that kind of green living in Utah. It’s not the same color here. And green is my FAVORITE color, so I get homesick for it often.

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