Authentic Joy of Wandering

mossy creek

The hikers clearly know their path,
they rarely deviate
They may pause and sigh at a flowering myrtle
but do not dawdle
their goal is miles of trail ahead –
the overlook at the summit.

One hiker though is a wandering type
intrigued more by the woods than the peaks
She leaves the trail at a trickling spring
to touch the moss on the rock and listen to the music,
then hikes a few feet before wandering off again
to explore another tiny habitat.

“Come on, we’re waiting” one hiker calls
“You go on ahead,” she replies,
“I’ll catch up with you later –
or not.”

She may join her friends if they linger long
looking afar from their peak destination
or they may join her on their descent
where to them she might appear
to still be climbing toward a goal
but really she already has arrived.


This poem was inspired by many hikes in the Smokey Mountains and this interesting poem by Erica Jong, You Are There.


photo from Pixabay



12 thoughts on “Authentic Joy of Wandering

  1. Yes, well-said. Joy is where you find it, whether it is on the way to your destination or when you get there. Either way, it is self-defined. We are all very powerful in that way. May we all use our power, once recognized, as we see fit.


  2. This made me smile πŸ™‚ I’m so like that, which means mostly I walk/ramble alone because I want the freedom to ‘explore another tiny habitat’ without feeling like I’m slowing anyone else or missing out or being rushed. Beautiful poem. Glad to have been directed to your blog. Harula x

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