Addition Problem


You ask me to solve for the answer
to the problem of x plus y.
What do you mean the answer?

There is no the answer.
It’s just an illusion of permanence.
By the time I measure y
the x has already changed.

It’s like trying to measure a shadow
cast against a sun lit field
on a day when cumulus puffs float
across a Caspian sky.

Don’t ask me to give you the answer.
when there are millions of answers
and no answer at all,
simultaneously, always.

Don’t ask me to cling to a now that is fleeting;
ask me to embrace the movement.

Image from pixabay 

10 thoughts on “Addition Problem

  1. I CANNOT love this enough! In fact, will you please be my guest poet on July 1st? I want THIS poem on there and at least one more. You pick. I may pick another one, too. I just need a short little bio from you. I’m doing Plato tomorrow. This was so GREAT!!! “Don’t ask me to cling to a now that is fleeting; ask me to embrace the movement.” Totally awesome!

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      1. I have a “Drop Me a Note” tab at the top. Comes right to my email. I’m so excited about this poem I think I’ll go ahead and post it NEXT Friday! 😀


  2. Concerning your offering, particularly the ending:

    Don’t ask me to cling to a now that is fleeting;
    ask me to embrace the movement.

    I was ruminating late tonight well past my bedtime and offer this before I sleep. My apologies for my random and recursive bounces as I have miles to go before I sleep and have run out of time to edit for clarity:

    I believe that rationally you can never experience “NOW” because, rationally, everything that exists is based upon a comparison of two (or more) “EVENTS” or “SITUATIONS”. So rational reality, for each of us, requires the concept of the passage of time, implying that all rational reality requires more than just “NOW” to exist in our heads; to source/create our reality.

    So, if you want to “BE HERE NOW”, you are required to exceed simple rational concepts and extend your belief system to include “NOW” even though it can never make sense rationally. You must be directly experiencing something that is beyond rationality.

    This doesn’t lead to a problem; it leads to a rational awareness of rationality’s scope and therefore its limitations. Every rational thought has its limits (i.e. its scope), so that is not a criticism of rationality. It is a simple observation of how rationality works within its framework/scope that it itself creates/limits/scopes as it progresses from one thought to another.

    Rational thoughts require a delayed perspective that insist upon one or more “nows” to wait to be compared/contrasted with other “nows” before your thoughts/reality can exist or be real to you. Believability requires a comparison of some type, I believe.

    “BEING HERE NOW” seems to require TIME to NOT exist, or at least for TIME to NOT be a consideration. That is okay, is not a problem, and is not something that could ever be fixed. I’m simply pointing out the situation rationally concerning rationality’s scope/frame/limitations. Of course, no rational thought can exist without a scope/frame, hence the need for RATIONALITY to believe in TIME to provide the fodder for a complete thought. And who doesn’t prefer a complete thought to an incomplete one?

    Logically, “RATIONALITY” cannot exist in a TIMELESS SPACE. And I personally cannot imagine a SPACELESS reality even though I can sometimes imagine a TIMELESS SPACE. Words can be useful but fundamental words like SPACE, TIME, RATIONALITY, BELIEVABILITY, SCOPE, etc. all need proper definition for us to communicate our RATIONAL thoughts. Unsynchronized definitions are a hindrance to communication.

    So how is it that “RATIONALITY” creates itself? To answer that at a simple level, I’d respond that “RATIONALITY” creates itself because it can invent TIME and any other concept “RATIONALITY” needs for its own existence, to be functional, and as best it can, to be consistent. This is similar to all forms of repeatable processes practiced by LIVING THINGS (and some not classified by us as “LIVING” because they are not similar enough to “US”). Simply put, LIFE exists because it can and RATIONALITY exists because it provides survival advantages to LIFE.

    Another way to rationally dissect this subject is to consider that humans rationally only recognize “CHANGE”. If everything remains the same (i.e. is unchanged), we don’t notice. If something changes, we might notice. “CHANGE” requires TIME, at least for the believers in TIME, which is most of my friends, acquaintances, and their families, their friends, and their acquaintances.

    Therefore, from this perspective, for “NOW” to be “REAL” (to a rational mind), would require both a belief that “NOW” exists AND a belief that there are “OTHER NOWS” that also exist (yielding our awareness of NOW as a CONTRAST to the other NOWS). But since this requires a belief in multiple NOWS, a rational mind can never limit itself to a SINGLE NOW without corrupting its charter for the awareness of change from BEFORE to NOW to AFTER (or is it, maybe, AFTER to NOW to BEFORE – a possible subsequent discussion, or have we already had that discussion somewhere in the so-called future)?

    Simply put, as I stated before, rational thought prohibits experiencing “NOW”. Rational thought MUST be suspended/transcended for “YOU” to experience “NOW”. And, again, this isn’t some strange problem that must be fixed/solved, it is simply the WAY IT IS (AKA The TAO).


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