lucid dream

At the viscous edge

of a lucid dream

I wonder

which reality is the illusion



Entered as a response to The Sandbox Challenge, Of Two Minds.


7 thoughts on “Nonplussed

    1. Thank you! Those words mean so much coming from you. By the way, I got this from a page in my journal where I keep a collection of words I like. When I jotted down “edge” it was next to “viscous” and voila – a poem was born.

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  1. Mostly I just collect words and phrases that I like and then on days when I am not working on something else I play around with making sentences using random words from that collection. On list can keep me busy for weeks. I just started another list yesterday and then came across a lovely article on haiku renga ( that has lovely words and phrases that I want to add to the list today. Today’s word of the day from Webster’s Dictionary was a fun addition.- quaff ( It’s just a fun game I play.

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