Poem by Committee

Should I write a “she” poem today?
Or would viewing the world as impartial observerthe thinker
make the poem too aloof?

What if I write an “I” poem instead?
Would my narrow approach be too
narcissistic to relate to anyone else?

What if  I write from a  “you” point of view?
Would you read me as preachy and brace yourself
with a you’re-not-the-boss-of-me attitude?

What if I just write a question poem
since questions abound in interesting forms
and answers are prone to mystery?
Should I perhaps poll a committee?


This poem is self-referential because I do ponder the value of each point of view. Is a third person approach too detached? Is a first person perspective too exclusive? Is a second person voice too bossy? I tend to use all three voices. Do others wrestle with this question when writing fiction or penning a poem? I welcome all to share your perspectives.


Image attribute: The Thinker by Ed Menendez at https://www.flickr.com/photos/edmenendez/4283684892/in/photostream/



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