Reliable Excess

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I pretend that all my faithful dolls
sit waiting at the table,
an excuse for scheduled teatime
where  I supply convections.
Yet it’s my steadfast yearn for sweet desire
that sits with me in constancy
even when I know I should be satiated.

I’ve been told to be reliable
but I must ponder if devotion
to excessive unrestraint
should instead be shed
for random nonplussed moments
of contented satisfaction.



6 thoughts on “Reliable Excess

  1. Thank you for your comment, Bun. I was not sure that my meaning was very clear; not sure I wanted it to be! It is an area of my life I do not like to admit – but it is there. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. I battle that reliable excess constantly. My husband has great self control but I think a median path is the one I would prefer to tread. A little excess occasionally would be fine!

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