man in the moonI tripped on my shoelace
and fell up,
my shoes falling off as
I tumbled through a bundle of cumulus clouds,
with soon-to-be raindrops
spilling through my cupped hands.

I rose to the sun to dry my damp hair before
returning home
taking a spin on Saturn’s halos
then floating toward Earth’s moon.

I stopped of course to chat a while
with the Man.
He offered me a moon beam
to zip line back to Earth.

I landed as a reflection
in a puddle by my shoes.
I slipped them on,
tied the laces
and stood on the firm ground of Earth,
a twinkling star itself to other spheres.



16 thoughts on “Untied

  1. So glad the trip up resulted in a trip up; good reminder to me to look up when “life” intervenes in my plans. Love, too, that your illustration and words reminded me of two other poetic works I’ve delighted in sharing with students during Poetry Month: “Rain Makes Applesauce” and “The Boy and the Moon.” Two favorite picture books. I can see your poem becoming a third favorite picture book:) God bless you, and many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will have to look up these books. I don’t have any little ones any more but maybe I can augment my picture book collection in case I ever have grandkids. Thanks for stopping by.


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