Tour de Force


tree shadows

When making a to-do list today
sneak in “be grateful”
a couple of times
or  three
along with “smile,”
“hug your sweetie” and “do nothing for a bit,”
because isn’t watching a V of geese honking above the trees
at least as productive as scrubbing the kitchen floor?
Won’t going to the dentist be less a pain
if steeped in gratitude for having teeth?

Shout hallelujah for slanted shadows of elms on sunny days
as you’re zooming from Zumba class to do your grocery chores
Sing praise to clouds for cover and to storms for volts of verve
Voice gratitude for bird songs as you start the stew for supper
Before your morning coffee through flossing your teeth at night
Take tiny sips of gratitude all day for the privilege to exist

5 thoughts on “Tour de Force

  1. Gratitude is under rated! I find it lifts me when I list those simple things I’m grateful for – you put it so eloquently here. Thank you!

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