Never As Old As I Am Today

My parents, 1948




On April 6, 1921 my dad, Coy Smith, Jr., was born. He would be 95 today but he never lived to be as old as I am today. My dad encouraged me to try new things and like all children, I often struggled with beginner blues. He used to say, “LuAnne, nothing is worth doing if it’s not worth doing badly at first.” As an adult I realize what a valuable gift he gave me by nurturing that attitude. He had an insatiable sweet tooth and fudge was my standard birthday gift to him. So here’s to my dad today on his birthday:




You gave the gift of playing with words
and permission to make mistakes.
You gave me perspectives from multiple angles.
You gave me my life and your love.

So it seems rather shallow that all I gave you
was a pan of my homemade fudge.
But at the time it was my way of showing
the sweet love I felt for you.


10 thoughts on “Never As Old As I Am Today

  1. I too have lived past my fathers lifespan – I miss him as a grandfather to my children because he truely loved each child in a bear hug kind of way. Glad to have a glimpse of your fathers love.

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    1. Oh, I so know what you mean. My dad only met my son as a baby and never my daughters. Yet, he lives on; one of my daughters makes her dad fudge:) Thanks for stopping by.


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