Recall Response


“So how was your doctor’s appointment?”
“Well, he asked me a lot of questions this time.”
“Like what?” she asked half-listening.
“Oh, about any weight changes,
how much sleep I get,
my eating habits.
And something else.
What was that last thing?”

He sorted through a stack of mail while she made a grocery list.
“Oh, I remember now,” he said looking up.
“He also asked if I was having trouble
with my short term memory.”

They stopped in freeze-frame for a second
digesting the obvious irony.
Then broke into laughter at a private joke
they’d probably forget by tomorrow.

David Annie at Whidbey


This poem was written response to the Writer’s Digest Poem-a-Day prompt for Day 2 of National Poetry Month.


7 thoughts on “Recall Response

  1. Yes, that is me and my sweetie. It is not a perfect picture for this story but it was the best I could find even in Creative Commons. Most of the photos for laughing couples are only the young ones. Funny, I laugh more now than I did in my 20s. Thanks for stopping by, Annie and I am glad it made you smile.


  2. I love the ending. I wish my dad would laugh about conversations with the doctor instead of freaking out about them and repeating the conversation over and over and over and over…and over…by the sixth back-t0-back rendition, I’m eyeing the frying and wondering if a bop on the head will change his mental channel to something more positive!

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