Singing Along with Ella Fitzgerald

blue skies

Singing with Ella Fitzgerald this morning,
“Blue skies smilin’ at me,
nothin’ but blue skies do I see”
as I open the window blinds,

Outside the snow, striped with short shadows
is pocked with the prints of yesterday’s squirrels
I listen for “bluebirds singin’ a song”
but only hear the neighbor’s dog barking

Like Ella I think I must be in love
because even without a birdsong outside
I’m tapping my toes to the rhythm of
“Never saw things goin’ so right”

I can catch myself humming
Blue Skies on grey days
as lately I notice “the days hurrying by”
So I keep my ears open for grace notes
from all kinds of singers
the crow’s squawk,
the floor squeaks,
and my sweetheart’s soft snore


My father sang this song in the car during road trips long before I heard Ella Fitzgerald’s version of Blue Skies. After only hearing it as a child from my father’s untrained voice, it was pure joy to later hear her scat singing rendition of this old familiar melody. Her voice rings as clear as spring water tumbling through moss-covered stones.

Follow along with the lyrics and enjoy! 

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