Geometry of a New Relationship


Thrown into a sphere of transparent ambiguity

you find space

to recalculate expectations while

you calibrate complementary sides.


This poem started as a blackout poem taken from an article written by Susanna Schrobadorff called The sibling equation: Learning to parent all over again after one child leaves home in the November 5, 2015 issue of Time magazine. I attempted to create geometric zentangle patterns over the blacked out parts. My hand was not as steady, though, as I would hope my relationships are, so I obscured some of the original words. Here is the original black out poem:

Geometry blackout poem

5 thoughts on “Geometry of a New Relationship

  1. splendid poem, melding mental and physical space / action. An intriguing method of “blacking out” — one which definitely requires a certain discipline and focus beyond just using, say, PIcMonkey to blackout words. It is similar in some ways to the way I “doodle” (which is a form of art that is under-appreciated), and hopefully sometime in the near future I will find the space to tackle this kind of blacking out. 🙂

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