Made Me Laugh

Made Me Laugh

She started first, a little snicker over nothing.
Then the chuckling spread to each of us
until it got to him.

He saw no humor in nothing.

Each giggle was infectious
until the laughter was quite genuine.
We each burst into cachinnation
just watching each other laugh.
A deep-from-the-belly,
throw-back-your-head kind of guffawing
roared throughout the room.

Except from him
solemnly shaking his head at us,
which of course we all thought was hilarious
and howled with ever more gusto.


Once at a family gathering we talked about Laughter Yoga and thought we would try it out. We all had a great time, except for one guy who refused to join in. Then again, he could have been having fun as the straight man for our comedy. Do you think he was truly untouched by our laughter or was he deliberately playing a role in making us laugh all the more?

Laughing Buddha
From The Laughing Buddha

In response to the Daily Prompt, Roaring Laughter

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