It’s a kind of gracious spirit, I thinkNamaste mat
how a door mat welcomes with passage and pause
where sneakers and high heels and muddy work boots
can dally a bit before moving through.

It’s a kind of a generous spirit, I think
how a tea cup accepts whatever I pour
be it Earl Grey or Rooibos or even some cocoa
it fulfills its receptive service.

It’s a kind of patient spirit, I think
how paper waits to drink from my pen
then listens at length to both sonnets and scribbles
in hopes of inscribing an inkling of insight.


The original inspiration for this poem came from The Patience of Ordinary Things by Pat Schneider. As I searched for graphics for the poem I stumbled upon this welcome mat that said “Namaste”. Namaste is a greeting or farewell that means the spirit of one honors the spirit of another.  It seemed an appropriate title for this poem.





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