book titles

This poem was
stolen from
a cabinet of curiosities
by a creative kleptomaniac.

It is the soul roots
of a wild mind
dancing naked in the


As I started cleaning my writer’s desk today I was inspired by the titles of books cluttering its surface. This poem is written in the spirit of book spine poetry, but uses a couple of “spineless” books and only partial titles of some.

I have been working on a serious poem for a week now and getting nowhere but more and more blocked. So I took a break to be playful again. As a result of taking this new direction, I feel refreshed with an outpouring of playful creative energy.

If you have any strategies for overcoming writer’s block, please feel free to share them in the Comments section below.

Books used:
Cabinet of Curiosities: A Day Planner for Naturalists
The Steal Like an Artist Journal: A Notebook for Creative Kleptomaniacs by Austin Kleon
2016 Soul Roots Planner & Journal for sustainable mindful living by Paula A-Morris and Tia Savedo
Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg
Dancing Naked…in fuzzy red slippers by Carmen Richardson Rutlen
Moments in Literature, Editors: P. McFarland, M. Kavanagh, W. Jamison and M. Peckham





10 thoughts on “Metapoem

  1. I have not experienced it yet, may be I had that for all the years that I chose not to write anything. But once I started in February of 2014, I sit down to write and I just write. May be I write garbage, it is always easier to produce waste than a single crystal of diamond. But till now I have not experienced writers’ block. Maybe I just don’t dwell on it. But I will certainly keep your advise in mind of taking a break to be playful from time to time. Today was one of those days when I took time out to read the gems of my fellow bloggers and out of that came my latest poem, “Power of Words”. I hope you will find it playful enough.

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  2. That’s a very creative way to write a poem. I like the results!

    I’m not sure about good ways to overcome writer’s block, I’m afraid. I do get it sometimes, but I don’t really have any special technique other than to just write everything that comes into my head until suddenly something works. For me, it’s a bit like rolling a car that won’t start down a hill. There are a lot of failed attempts, but then suddenly the engine starts up. It can take a while, though.

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    1. I know what you mean, Bun. It’s like it takes a lot of effort to get the rolling started, but then it picks up speed and the car rolls down the hill on its own. Yes, I think just free writing or journaling through it is very effective. And not taking my writing too seriously. Thanks for dropping by.

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