In the Dark

winter night

In honor of the longest night of 2015, winter solstice:

In the Dark

Make darkness conscious
Let your eyes adjust

Make darkness conscious
Keep your body still

It’s uncomfortable at first
scary even

But with time
you see with a beginner’s eye
what you never imagined
could be enlightened by the darkness


I will be celebrating winter solstice tonight with friends. Preparation for this celebration has led me to contemplate darkness. The phrase, being in the dark, generally implies a lack of awareness. Yet, with stillness and reflection, darkness can reveal an awareness of a whole new perspective that is not apparent in my world of light. I’ve noticed this awareness not just on a physical level, but spiritually as well.

This poem was greatly influenced by a quote from Carl Jung, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”



12 thoughts on “In the Dark

      1. Sure, it’s part of a sequence I am doing for Christmas. It falls somewhere in the middle of the story but here is my take on the solstice. Mind you that it takes place in my fantasy world and there are many differences between our world and theirs:

        All entries in the sequence are listed in order and linked too, on this page:

        I am adding to it daily until I finish out the storyline/holiday.

        Thanks for reading!


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