Leaving at Dawn

Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? Leonardo da Vinci


Ah, dawn you come so quickly
and pull me into this waking world
where gravity is immutable
and my senses restricted to five.

I long to remain in my world of sleep
beyond the laws of physics.

Where I can spin with ease in blue chiffon
and love with unfettered passion.
Or follow mysterious train tracks that lead to risky adventures
Or explore ancient rooms in Victorian houses draped in white sheets of potential.

I will miss the surprises like a love hug from Daddy
and flying through forests, transporting through time,
and receiving advice from my muse.

I long to remain in my ethereal world
where I can touch the visions I conjure.

But the cat scratches “feed me” on my bedroom door
when the curtains glow  mandarin orange.
So I sigh out of bed, touch the chilled pane of morning,
and slowly cross over to waking
in the afterglow of my dreams.





11 thoughts on “Leaving at Dawn

  1. Thank you for the entire reflection, and especially for giving me thought to ponder the first stanza. Perhaps the waking sixth sense is most akin to dreaming– to the liberation from the gravity of day. God bless you! I definitely need to read again and again!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. :)…Pondering is my favorite thing to do; so glad the sixth sense thought resonates with you!…Please share any insights that your pondering/sixth sense reveals to you!


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