Moonbeam Reflections



An oil painting found in Seoul, Korea

Moonbeam Reflections

A reflection of a full moon shivers on the lake.
Unlike the moon above, the wind moves her on the surface
as well as underneath as a muskrat slips into the water and swims below.

The reflection is always changing,
always dappled and slightly blurred.

You can reach down with cupped hands and try to hold her.
But she won’t stay.
She slips through fingers, altered by the holding-on attempt.

A memory of a moment rests in your heart.
Unlike the past event, your current viewpoint alters the reminiscence
as well as deeper changes revised by growing wisdom.

The memory is always changing,
details erased, and boundaries blurred.

You can reach into your memory with intent and try to hold it.
But it has changed.
Meshed with the now, altered by the new remembering.



8 thoughts on “Moonbeam Reflections

  1. Oh this is awesome! Memories are constantly changing and slipping away. Every time you pull up a memory, you are actually changing it slightly. So the more you remember something, the more you might change it.

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    1. Thank you, Lourdes. I will take your suggestion. I do usually work on a poem for a few days at least before publishing, but I have wanted to maintain the momentum of the workshop. I am pleased that you think it has potential. And I truly appreciate your honest feedback. I’ll let you know when I revise it.


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