3000 Paintings

“Whatever it was that I felt was the weak link in my previous project gave me inspiration for the next one.”
― Joni Mitchell

3000 Paintings

Painting with a friend the other day, I opened a new box of watercolor crayons. I am by no means a painter but my friend is quite talented in that field. I tried to recreate an image I had dreamed and the angles did not turn out right. She told me to paint 3000 paintings and in that collection I would find one that works.  So this poem is inspired to honor my friend who encouraged me to be patient and see the art in my “mistakes”.


1 of 3000

The plethora of color could drown me
in my new box of caran d’ache.

There’s vermilion and olive and lilac and salmon
and a tangle of colors from mixing and morphing;
one could easily overindulge.

But to curtail immersion would stifle the muse.
So I fill up the page with watery swirls
then step back and blink to find the one spot
as the catalyst for my next painting.


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