Profound Revelation

Do you ever get one of those great ideas that for some reason just seems to evaporate before you can write it down or commit it to memory? This poem is inspired by those events.

silhouette of man with scattered thoughts
Scattered Profound Revelation

Profound Revelation

Is it gone for good already?
Did you notice where it went?

Could it be lingering just under your lashes
or inside your noticing hat?

With wide eyes of awe just a minute ago
you stored it away with intent.

It’s still a sweet hint on the tip of your tongue
(or a bite on the bitter back bud).

It bumps in a maze with its cousin ideas
until later today in the shower or car
it returns and aha!
it had never been lost –

or maybe with time you forget the forgetting
and it drifts to re-form for another’s chance find.

Image from © Nevit Dilmen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

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