“How are you doing?”

“How are you doing?”

Is it a customary question,
a mindless greeting without expectation
to listen to your response?

Is it a polite question
probing the quality of the circumstances
in your current position?

Is it an existential question
about the extent of alignment your being has
with the cosmic forces?

Or is it a kind invitation
to wake up to the wonder of how we’re connected
in this serendipitous moment?

We run into this question all the time. We ask this question all the time. The expected response is “I’m fine.” Yet if we can take cues from our daily encounters to put us in a mindful state of awareness, this question can cue us to notice a moment of connection. This poem was inspired by How Are You by Peter Taylor and posted on the Daily Zen. If you ask me how I am doing now, my answer is that I am grateful to have made a connection with you.

How are you doing?

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