Cutting From Black

Movie director

This morning I read an inspiring post, Your Life Is Always Just Beginning, on Raptitude by David Cain. This concept that each of us is always in the middle of a universe, physically, socially and spiritually, has been a prominent theme in my life lately. Because Cain uses film techniques metaphorically to express this idea, I decided to take his work and do a blackout poem in the Austin Kleon tradition. This poetic format seemed appropriate for the message. I encourage you to read the original essay that was used as the basis of this poem and explore Cain’s site at Getting better at being human.

Cutting From Black Title

Cutting From Black

16 thoughts on “Cutting From Black

  1. Thanks, try it out sometimes. Even if I don’t use a complete original piece and black out parts like this one, I often highlight key words that jump out at me when I read a piece I enjoy and use them for inspiration. Thanks for following!


  2. Absolutely beautiful. It looks like you had a rich basis text but your choice of words and phrases is excellent – as if you wrote the poem from scratch yourself. Though I’ve been thinking – in some ways all of our poems our “found.” Whatever the case, very nicely done.

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    1. Thank you, Nicole. The article is wonderful and I encourage you to read it. I agree that all poems are in a sense “found poems” in that we get our inspiration from others whose works we enjoy. I guess some are more “found” than others.

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  3. ‘Cutting to Black’ is a great piece. Blackout Poetry has become my addiction. I find it quite soothing to work on a poem. I experiment with shorter pieces with 5 to 7 line poems or longer as yours is. It opens your mind to see what is there but not seen before. I use pdf or something similar so as not to have to destroy a page from a book. The art some of the blackout poets are doing would amaze you. Paintings with lines of poetry mixed in. Absolutely beautiful. I would say you have figured out the searching part. I would just keep looking for other pages to work on. It doesn’t have to be literature. An article from a magazine can work. Just follow your urges. Let me know if and when you do another blackout poem. Thank you for sharing this one.

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    1. Thank you for your response. I had never thought of incorporating art in a black out poem. I am only familiar with the blackout poetry of Austin Kleon. I would love to see the works of others if you have any links. I have read your collection – inspiring! I am so glad I have stumbled upon your sight.

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      1. I am glad you did, also. I am trying to tell you the best places to go. Have you heard of Tumblr? If you create a blog on it, you don’t have to do any blogging unless you want to. Where I am going with this is, you get on Tumblr and write in the search box for Blackout Poems, it will give you a lengthy assortment of posts of poems. Or join Pinterest and do the same thing. If you belong to any of these two sights let me know. I will send you my link to both. The other place to get a great look at a good assortment is Google Image. Just write in Blackout Poems. Pages and pages of poems will appear. I am just finding my way but these are the best of Blackout Poetry I have found. From their I collect it. My Pinterest collection is growing. I have about 30 to 40 or maybe more Poems. Not sure. Have been working on my own. I plan on working on something this week. Certain classics are great to pull pages from. No problem with copyright. Have fun. Let me know what you find. – jk (jennifer)

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