Belief System

Window view of woods
The view from my second-floor writing room window

Once again I take inspiration from other writers. The following poem is inspired by the poem, Credo, by Donna Hilbert which reminds me of life’s details that I’ve grown to savor.

Belief System

I believe in second floor windows
watching a spider creeping on all-eights
seeking entry through the screen,
and shadow stripes on the grass in the sun down below.

I believe in afternoon naps
lulled by the click, click clicking of fan blades overhead
in no hurry to fall asleep and no hurry to get up again
wearing silly pink pajamas
and a halo of purring kitty on my pillow.

I believe in the spring snow of cottonwood seeds
and the oscillating rain of lawn sprinklers in June
and yellow leaves flooding my deck in the fall
and black branches piercing the silent gray skies of winter.

I love waking to new snow more than Valentine chocolates,
Watching wild thunderstorms more than a box office hit,
Savoring the surprise of fresh hawthorn by the sidewalk
more than the surprise lace lingerie folded in scented tissue.

My days tend to all run together now
noted more by the moon’s waxing and waning
than blocks on my Outlook calendar
or its random reminder dings.

Give me a quiet time with a book, or a pen
time to gaze without solving a problem,
time to sip tea from a porcelain cup and
I believe that is when my life is overflowing.

What details of life have you grown to savor? Please share in the Comments below.


6 thoughts on “Belief System

  1. Lovely poem. So many things in our world to experience and enjoy. It’s so easy to lose sight of the simple things in life and focus on all the wrong things and end of cheating ourselves.


  2. I really enjoyed the poem. The moments I enjoy most are the early mornings as the sun is rising or just after it has risen. I love to look at the trees and sky. There is a whole ecosystem waking to another day. It is at these times that the air is fresh and there is a quietness that I truly enjoy. Can you tell I am a morning person. I am almost always the first to arise no matter what time I retire at night. I enjoy the early morning hours to think, read, and talk to God. It is my most productive time of day.

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  3. I like the new title, Wind Rush, and really like your graphic. I can almost believe I’m an excited dandelion seed rushing through the air looking for my new home.


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