Yin Yangle

Question: What do you get when a zentangle studies Taoism?

Answer: a yin yangle


I have been playing with zentangles for a few months and while most of my tangles are the traditional rectangular shape, I decided to do one in the shape of a yin-yang symbol. This shape has always fascinated me because it illustrates how the light must have the dark to be whole. Additionally, it shows how light resides in the dark and dark resides in the light.

I hope you enjoy my poem that illustrates verbally what the yin-yang symbol illustrates graphically.

Yin Yang

Yin, yang
Ebb and flow
At rest, engaged
Oneness, ego

Fight the battle,
Embrace the peace
Hold on tight,
Allow release

Abbreviate, pontificate
Be content, accept a challenge
Exaggerate, be precise
Invest securely, roll the dice

Collaboration, isolation
Serving others, growth within
Elegance, blue-jean comfort
Embrace the yang, embrace the yin

What opposing forces work simultaneously in your life?

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