Mr. Moon

Moon above trees

Blasting early into a family
Already established without her
She had to find her place.

So she raced the moon with her daddy.
Mr. Moon to be exact, “Shining above the trees”
Giggling and wiggling in the back seat
Of a blue Henry J
They drove home full of Aunt Lucile’s peach cobbler,
Quiet and lazy from a Sunday afternoon with cousins catching lightning bugs in jars.

Attracted to the light in the darkness
She saw it
Lagging behind.
“Go faster, Daddy, we can beat the moon home tonight.”
Her words flowed into the wind wake of the car’s open window.
“Someone’s coming, coming on the run,”
his song boomed in reply. “Someone’s coming
To catch up with me.”

He turned onto Elm Hill, the moon waxing its lead.
“He’s winning,” she whined.
So he started the chorus, “Mr. Moon, Moon, bright and shining moon…”
She pulled her small face toward his ear belting out the finale with him,
Words steeped in sugar and glee

“Won’t you please shine down on,
– I’m talking ’bout your shining,
Won’t you please shine down on me?”

She flopped back in giggles as he pulled in the drive.
Before going inside the two lingered,
Leaning on the car still hot from the race.
“The moon won again, Daddy.”
“Well, we’ll try again another night, Monkey.”
She skipped up the steps, her small hand in his
Both humming their shared song of the shifting moon.

Inspired by one of the many variations of the lyrics to Mr. Moon written by Rick Singer, Joe Grieco, and B.C. Ramus


Childhood Revisited

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